My Child is Overweight, Now What? Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Parents, have you ever said “My child is overweight, now what?” Certified Personal Trainers offers weight loss tips for your kids to help them achieve a well balanced life. American children waistlines are growing exponentially; growing so much, that the rates of overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions.  Research has shown that the main causes of childhood obesity are lack of physical activity and high fat and high sugar diets.  Helping children achieve a healthier weight is more about teaching them how to incorporate appropriate exercises and eating patterns.

Healthy eating patterns should be encouraged before, during and after school.  The importance of eating a healthy breakfast should be stressed.  A good breakfast to start the day is scrambled eggs, 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1 slice of wheat toast and 8oz. of water or freshly squeezed juice.  Make it a habit to pack lunches.  Many schools are trying to provide healthy lunch options. However, to be on the safe side, pack a healthy sandwich, a piece of fruit, and sugar-free pudding as a guilt free dessert. After school, children are often tempted to eat fast food or other high fat processed foods.  Replace the salty, sugary snacks in the house with better alternatives like light popcorn, fruits, baked sweet potato fries, peanut butter sandwiches or yogurt.  Children should participate in the dinner preparation.  They will be more likely to try new foods and better adopt healthy eating patterns.

After school and on weekends limit TV, video game and computer time.  Find physical activities that your children enjoy.  If they like the activity, the more likely they will keep it up.  They will also likely be to continue if they record each time they are active for 60 minutes.  Remember physical activity can include playing sports, dancing, jumping rope, and swimming.  Before starting any physical activity, make sure the children warm-up.  This should be about 5 minutes of light activity. Parents should also ensure that their children cool down and stretch to prevent injury.  Strength training using weights should be under close supervision of a trained fitness professional.   Not all fitness professionals can safely work with children. Be sure to ask a lot of questions before you get started and monitor the first couple of sessions.

Parents, offer constant verbal support to their children and set an example for them to follow.  Children are more likely to adopt healthy behaviors if they see their parents eating healthy and exercising. Go on family walks, play catch in the yard. It just may help their kids live a long and healthy life.

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As an upcoming leader in the fitness industry, Ayana Roberts is steadfastly dedicated to educating others on the benefits of engaging in active lifestyles on both an individual and corporate level. Ayana provides results through outstanding professionalism, creativity, passion, and is committed to deliver beyond expectations. Ayana has held leadership positions within the fitness industry. She has worked for companies such as Samson’s Sports and Fitness Center, Corporate Sports Unlimited, and Golds Gym. She successfully implemented operational procedures that increased revenue in membership sales, personal training sales, and food and beverage sales. Ayana implemented effective programming to give members the knowledge and confidence to adopt healthy behaviors. She also managed a high end fitness center, and facilitated effective programming to give members the knowledge and confidence to adopt healthy behaviors. Ayana has been a guest speaker at many speaking engagements. Clients have included State Farm, Georgia Coalition of Physical Activity and Nutrition (G-PAN) Faith and Fitness Summit, Greenberg and Traurig, LLP and GE Money. Ayana’s accomplishments are enhanced by her multi-faceted education. She has a Masters in Science in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Service Research and a Masters in Science in Sport Administration with a concentration in sports club and fitness management at Georgia State University. She is certified in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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