Mind To Muscle Connection – How To Think Yourself Strong?

The mind to muscle connection is a tool that can be used by anyone tone muscle sooner and increase their power. In this article, we will discuss how to think yourself strong. Everything we do-a movement or something we say- begins with a thought. The thought originates in the mind, which is controlled by brain […]

Good Personal Trainer For Women In Atlanta – Lose Weight And Tone Up Your Body

If you are looking for a good personal trainer for women in Atlanta, choose CPT Fitness of Atanta. Ayana Roberts is a Certified PT with NASM with over 10 years of experience to help your lose weight, tone your body, and nutritional planning. Whether you are looking to fit in a dress for your wedding […]

Best Weight Loss Guidelines

RIGHT MENTALITY Have to be disciplined and dedicated to task at hand. Periodically remind yourself about how great you will look in 30 days and stay positive! Negative thoughts sabotage weight loss efforts Try not to give into craving “comfort” foods Don’t be to hard on yourself for minor slip-ups HAVE A PLAN/ SET GOALS […]

Holiday Weight Loss – Lose Weight During Holiday Season

Holiday weight loss is becoming a new thing for families across America,  find out how Certified Personal Trainers can help you lose weight during the holiday season. I know what you are thinking, the holidays are quickly approaching. The shopping, the parties, vacations and weight gain. Ughh! For far too long, people have associated the […]

My Child is Overweight, Now What? Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Parents, have you ever said “My child is overweight, now what?” Certified Personal Trainers offers weight loss tips for your kids to help them achieve a well balanced life. American children waistlines are growing exponentially; growing so much, that the rates of overweight and obesity have reached epidemic proportions.  Research has shown that the main […]

Don’t Lose the Weight Loss Battle: Easy Steps to Win

Staying on track with your weight loss goals can be difficult. The energy some people have about their program, after a couple of months, has faded. That decrease in energy and less resolve can lead to less time in the gym, succumbing to cravings for your favorite foods, and frustration.  All of these things can […]

The Effects of Obesity on Your Finances

Studies from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 67 percent of the US adult population is overweight (BMI of 25-29) and 34 percent are obese (BMI 30+). Many people are aware of the physiological implications of being obese, but are they aware of the financial impact obesity has? The United States Department […]

Which is the Best Cardio Machine for You?

There are several cardiovascular (cardio) machines to choose from, which can be confusing for beginner or infrequent visitors to health clubs. The best way to determine which machine is best for you and your fitness goals is to understand what each machine is built to do and how you can burn calories on it. All […]