Good Personal Trainer For Women In Atlanta – Lose Weight And Tone Up Your Body

If you are looking for a good personal trainer for women in Atlanta, choose CPT Fitness of Atanta. Ayana Roberts is a Certified PT with NASM with over 10 years of experience to help your lose weight, tone your body, and nutritional planning. Whether you are looking to fit in a dress for your wedding […]

At Home Ab Workout For Women – Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

At Home Ab Workout  For Women From a busy stay at home mom, to business leaders, many women find it difficult to find time to workout. Plus the gym isn’t always the most pleasant place to exercise. Between the stares, crowds & gym membership fees can be frustrating. Women spend millions each year on fitness […]

Black Hair Care Tips for the Active Woman

African American women cannot afford to let the excuse “I don’t want to mess up my hair” keep them from meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity. It is well know that African American women have higher rates of being either overweight or obese when compared to their peers. A main contributor to this occurrence […]